He said what?
By way of Introduction.....
Don Erdbrink has been a professional musician
for many years having played in bands up and
down the east coast.  Don is a vocalist, guitarist,
pianist, songwriter, composer and arranger.  
Writing in varying styles Don has produced both
rock/pop vocal albums and instrumental albums
that would be at home in the classical/new
age/movie soundtrack genres.  This diversity is a
reflection of a wide ranging musical interest that
is always a bit restless.  
Two Sides of a Different Coin......
Having studied both Classical guitar and voice for three years and then
attending the Berklee School of Music in Boston as a guitar and audio
recording major, Don's training is as diverse as his tastes.  With
influences ranging from Steely Dan to James Taylor and Dave Matthews
on the rock side to George Winston, the Paul Winter Consort and assorted
classical composers on the other (not to mention the jazz influences  from
his days at Berklee) Don is truly diverse in his styles and compositions.  It
has been said that "you would not think the same composer came up with
such diverse sounding music".  Check out the My Music page and then
Another Side to see and hear the differences.
Whats going on now?
Don finished working on his newest CD, Graven Park , which is  posted
here with some audio (as well as all past discs).   Don also has set up an
on line account with CDBaby.com so the discs can be purchased there
and at the I Tunes Store as well.

Don has already begun assembling songs for the next vocal CD, as yet

Don has also been working for the last couple of years with local
performer Laura Messner, writing and recording some songs for her.  He
is currently  trying to find another one buried deep in the muse.

This last year also included a 10 song submission to the International
Songwriting Competition.  Kepp your fngers crossed for a win but win or
lose it is fun to take part.  

Don still directs the Praise Choir at the Exeter Congregational Church,
performing once a month and is starting a web based "Songs on
Demand" service composing songs by request for weddings, etc.    
Check out the On Demand page for more details on this service.  
Don Erdbrink

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